Dog ate whole bag of glucosamine treats

Dog ate whole bag of glucosamine treats

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Dog ate whole bag of glucosamine treats I was going to feed to my dog. Now it's my problem! Can glucosamine help?

by Jessica P. on 04/19/2013

The dog ate a whole bag of glucosamine chondroitin treats that I had purchased. It had only been a few days after the treats were bought. They were the glucosamine/chondroitin type. The owner has not had her dog checked for anemia, as she has no reason to believe her dog has suffered any trauma to the legs. She did not see the dog eating them, but saw the entire bag on the counter and is upset that the dog ate them. She also is upset about the cost of replacing the glucosamine and chondroitin. The dog is not having any signs of leg pn or stiffness. It is a healthy, young dog.

Is this safe for my dog to take glucosamine, chondroitin or other supplements? I don't want him to get a high level of the wrong substance.

by K. on 07/23/2012

Chondroctin and glucosamine supplements have both been used for years to help reduce the stiffness associated with joint diseases, particularly arthritis. If there is no other signs or symptoms of anemia then there should be no concern about the glucosamine supplement and it should be considered a safe treatment for the condition. If your dog has any symptoms or signs of anemia then it would be best to contact your veterinarian.

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What should I do if my dog is experiencing diarrhea and vomiting?

My dog is 6 years old. For the past three days, he has been vomiting and diarrhea. He has had food and treats every morning. I think it started with just one treat a day, then progressed to a few treats a day, then to two or three treats a day, and now to every single morning. I know this is not normal for him to be having so much, but I think it's because he's so excited to have treats each morning.

Should I take him to the vet? I'm worried that it's food poisoning or something else.

by Amanda W. on 04/09/2013

An upset stomach is not normally an indication of food poisoning. It is possible that your dog has a reaction to a particular food or that his stomach is not handling the food well. An upset stomach is a frly common occurrence in dogs and may be due to a number of factors. If it continues for longer than 48 hours, it would be a good idea to seek veterinary attention.

The mn problem with your dog is that he is not eating enough. If he is eating treats each morning, then his stomach needs to be working. Your dog may need to have his stomach stapled so that he can eat enough in the future. I would also suggest that you find a different breakfast food for him, one that has fewer additives and has less of an impact on his stomach.

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Is there a treatment for dogs with severe allergies?

I have a 5-year old chihuahua, a labrador and a German shepherd mix that are all allergic to pollen. I do not know what kind of allergy they have, but I know that it's extreme. The dogs are constantly sneezing, and if it isn't that, their eyes and ears are extremely irritated. I've tried to treat their condition with allergy drops, but that is not working. I can't get them outside during any time of the year because it seems that they are allergic to everything outdoors. We have indoor r conditioning, but it is not enough to take the dogs outside. I do not know what I should do, I'm at a loss.

by Melissa D. on 02/12/2011

The most common type of allergy is dust or pollen allergies. They occur when the dog's immune system starts to react to certn types of pollen found in the r. The dog will sneeze repeatedly and will feel extremely irritated because their nose is running, and their eyes may feel watery. As they sneeze and sniffle, they will sometimes cough and it may seem like they are choking on something. Sometimes it is very difficult to tell if it is pollen or dust allergies, and it is usually very difficult to tell if the dog is actually in danger of getting an infection because of the allergic reaction.

The most common thing to do if you suspect the dog has a dust or pollen allergy is to get an allergy shot and wt for the dog to improve. If it doesn't improve, you should consult with your veterinarian so that they can determine if the allergy shot worked or if they want to see if a medication can be added to the food. If the dog seems to get better without any intervention at all, you may need to take your dog to the veterinarian for a complete check up.

This can be quite difficult to do if you live in a city and have dogs that constantly go outside and are always outdoors. If the dog is a city dog, they will usually need to be taken outside to relieve themselves on a regular basis. You may be able to get a crate or other sort of enclosure that will allow the dog to relieve itself indoors, but this is not always possible. If the dog has a sensitive nose, you may need to make sure the crate or enclosure has some sort of filtered r so that the dog does not inhale the pollen and dust.

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What is a dog allergic to?

The dog has had three seizures. She's had a heart murmur for awhile but the vet put it down as stress. She's on heart meds, muscle relaxers, and a diet change but still has seizures. I took her to the vet and she had blood work done and xrays. The blood work came back negative but the vet suggested she have an allergy test done because she's not eating. I have a vet appointment for tomorrow and want to bring her in but do not want to get

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