Giant Schnauzer: How to hold the bundle of energy

The giant schnauzer needs a lot of space, exercise and different employment opportunities. It can be used as a service or family dog, should in any case get a task and enjoy loving treatment. Run, play, romp with other dogs: The giant schnauzer is a bundle of energy - Image: Shutterstock / Danila

If you want to keep the giant schnauzer as a family dog, you should offer him a house with a garden if possible. The big, lively dog ​​is simply not an apartment and not necessarily a city dog.
You should secure a garden well and possibly provide it with a warning sign, because as much as the giant schnauzer is dear to his family, he can become uncomfortable when strangers come to the property who appear threatening to him. Also take a lot of time to walk extensively with the big schnauzer every day.

Walks with the giant schnauzer

This large, shaggy dog ​​is persistent, quick-running and fast. He has to stretch his long legs extensively every day, regardless of the wind and weather. The best thing would be to take it with you regularly to go jogging, on a bike or on a horse so that it can keep up the pace.

The giant schnauzer also loves variety on the go. Run, run around with buddies and enjoy nature: He just enjoys being outside. The dog is also happy to be part of the hikes - but as a passionate workhorse he also needs a lot of work.

Games, sports and variety for the dog

The giant schnauzer loves to play. As a young dog in particular, the late developer is very stormy and spirited, but retains his playfulness into old age.
He is the ideal partner for dog sport, because he is not only keen to move, but also very powerful and intelligent. Sports like agility or obedience are usually a great pleasure for a healthy representative of this breed of dog.

Also suitable for responsible tasks

If the giant schnauzer is not kept as a family dog, you can usually find it in use as a professional service or guard dog, for example at the police or at customs.
As a working dog, the learned, ingenious dog does very well. He is resilient, resilient and so vigilant that nothing escapes him.

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