Rottweiler puppies: The fight with the dragon

Two Rottweiler and a cuddly toy: the fight is on! In this video, two sweet puppies discovered a plush kite - and of course none of the young dogs wants to share the new toy.

"Oh, what is that strange cuddly toy?" One of the Rottweiler surely asks when he discovers a plush kite. The sly dog ​​eagerly grabs the toy, nibbles on it and shakes it back and forth. But the sibling also wants to play with the colorful object and fights for the animal.

The dragon keeps changing hands - the puppies never think of sharing for a second. After all, the four-legged friends want such a great new toy for themselves to nibble on or to run around with in the area. Cute and funny at the same time!

The Rottweiler: a photogenic dog!