Duke the super action dog

Duke the super action dog

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Duke the super action dog in a series of new comics from IDW that continue the adventures of the world’s greatest hero and his arch enemy, the Ice Cream Kid. In today’s bonus, the heroes of New Orleans battle the dastardly Ice Cream Kid, with Duke leading the charge in a thrilling, explosive new epic!

“The Ice Cream Kid!”

“The Ice Cream Kid is on a crime spree!”

Ice Cream Kid, the world’s greatest, most dangerous criminal genius, was a man destined to rule the world. As a child, Ice Cream Kid was stolen from the orphanage, and then trned by Sombrero Kid. The two became the greatest criminals in the history of crime and were soon arrested, but Ice Cream Kid escaped jl and created his own criminal empire in the city of New Orleans, setting his cap on the entire universe. His latest crime spree has hit Duke City with a vengeance!

Duke City is under siege as the Ice Cream Kid and his criminal underlings descend on the city to steal the city’s ice cream supply! It’s up to Duke to track down and stop the criminals.

Ice Cream Kid is just the first in a series of Duke the super action dog comics coming from IDW. The new series, which continues the epic adventures of the world’s greatest action dog and his arch nemesis, will hit stores this spring! Don’t miss the next wave of super hero action when Duke the super action dog meets his arch nemesis Ice Cream Kid in new IDW comics starting this spring!

A new era of the Duke the super action dog comics series begins today! In this week’s edition, Duke the super action dog gets to hang with his super hero friends from The Spectacular Spider-Man in an epic battle for justice!

Super hero friends Duke the super action dog and Gwen Stacy of The Spectacular Spider-Man join forces to save Brooklyn from Kingpin!

When a group of armed robbers breaks into a store in the heart of Brooklyn, they’re not expecting the hero!

When one of the armed robbers gets an arrow stuck in him and Duke the super action dog runs to the d of Gwen Stacy, it seems that Duke and Gwen are in for the fight of their lives. Their first stop? A showdown with a new supervilln, Kingpin!

When the villnous villn Kingpin, armed with a huge arsenal of deadly weapons, starts a shoot-out with Duke the super action dog and Gwen Stacy, they must work together to make a stand!

Super heroes Duke the super action dog and Gwen Stacy of The Spectacular Spider-Man are going to a comic book convention this weekend! This is a big deal for the two characters because they haven’t been out and about together much since they’ve returned to the Big Apple from visiting Gwen Stacy’s family’s farm in South Carolina.

The duo arrive at the convention to discover that Gwen has lost her cellphone and her identity! Duke offers to assist his friend as Spider-Man and they find an identity for Gwen as one of the most popular superheroes in the city, Ms. Stacy!

At the comic book convention, the team are reunited with some old friends and meet their arch-enemy, The Vulture. When The Vulture attempts to kill Duke and Gwen, a new threat emerges from behind a pillar in a dark corner…

Spider-Man and the heroes of Marvel Comics’ Daredevil join forces with some of the most famous super heroes in the world to help the citizens of the Big Apple from the menace of super villness The Vulture.

The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Captn America and the rest of the Marvel Universe all join forces to fight the Vulture and discover a mystery that threatens the future of the Marvel Universe!

Marvel Comics Presents was one of the earliest attempts at the comic book form by Marvel Comics to cater to a wider, more mnstream readership. The series featured many of the major characters of the time from the Marvel Universe including Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, The Thing and many others.

For one of the specials, Marvel Comics Presents: The Avengers, the line up of characters was not quite as extensive as for some of the later outings of the series, however, the team up on the cover was a real eye-catcher and the comic itself was not bad at all. Marvel Comics Presents: The Avengers was reprinted in comic book form by Marvel Comics during 2012 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the comics.

To find out more about how the Avengers joined forces with the Daredevil heroes and Spider-Man in Marvel Comics Presents: The Avengers, then make sure to read this comic review, then check out some of the other Avengers comics for sale at our shop.

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