How long can you leave a dog alone?

How long you can leave a dog alone depends on various requirements. You can read here what these are and what periods of time are OK. Dogs are sociable: spending too long alone at home is boring - Image: Shutterstock / Yuri Kravchenko

How long you can leave a dog alone depends, for example, on how well it has been used and how pleasant its owners have made it to be alone. In addition, his temperament, character, state of health and, above all, age play a role.

Still in the practice phase: puppies stay alone for a short time

A puppy that has just moved in, does not yet know that it is alone, and relies on the supervision of its owner for safety reasons, can only remain alone for a short time, for example, when its owners move from one room to another. This brief leaving alone should also be practiced regularly: If your youngster is allowed to follow you at every turn, it will not get used to the fact that it is not bad if you are not there for a short time.

Young dogs slowly get used to the longer loneliness

Even if the dog is already a few months old, already knows how to stay alone, and you have taken care to remove any dangers from its range, it should not remain alone for much longer than three or four hours. Young dogs get bored quickly and need company. Boredom can cause you to conceive nonsense, bark, whimper, but also that you may have problems letting their owners go away in the future.

Leave adult dogs alone for about four hours

With an adult dog that is already a real professional on its own, you have to try out how far you can get away from the average of about four hours that most four-legged friends can be good on their own.

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But never forget that this is also about the well-being of the dog and its patience should not be put too much strain - as a pack animal it does not feel comfortable if it is constantly alone all day long. A dog sitter, or the option to take the dog to the office, would be a better alternative than leaving your loyal friend at home alone for more than four hours a day.