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Is there puppy protection in cats?

Is there puppy protection in cats?

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The question of whether kittens have puppy protection is particularly important if a young and an adult cat are to be brought together. In this case, many cat owners make the mistake of relying on the fact that the small newcomer has freedom of the fool with his older cat. Unfortunately, this is a fallacy. The puppy protection for kittens applies only in the first few weeks - Image: Shutterstock / Schubbel

Just like dogs, there is also puppy protection for kittens. However, this usually only lasts a few weeks - during this time the kittens are still with their cat mother.

When does puppy protection apply to kittens?

In the first weeks of their lives, kittens are still busy with things like learning to walk and rely on their cat mother. The puppy protection is still active. When they are between six and eight weeks old, they start to learn the rules of cat behavior while playing with their siblings and watching their mother.

From this time on, good social behavior is expected of them, even if they are still smaller than their adult counterparts. If a kitten is old enough to move into its new home, the puppy protection has already expired.

Be careful when getting to know young and old cats

If you buy a young cat and an older one lives with them, you should under no circumstances assume that the puppy protection protects your little new house tiger. When cats get away from their mother, they are usually around twelve weeks old and therefore already at an age at which they must already abide by the rules of the game for adults.

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Therefore, the adjustment phase of a young to an older cat should be as slow and sensitive as that of two older cats. Even if a kitten has no puppy protection anymore, it is physically inferior to an adult animal for a long time - this of course requires special attention from the cat owner.

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