Antibiotics for dog ear infection

Antibiotics for dog ear infection

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Antibiotics for dog ear infection?

I know that the best ear drops for dogs are saline, but I also want to use some antibiotic ointment for my pup's ears. We tried saline drops in the past, but the only way I can find to get him to cooperate is to give him the ear drop. We also used the antibiotic in the past (Bacitracin), but he is having trouble with that one.

So, I'm looking for the best way to treat his ear infections. If it makes a difference, I think I want to use the antibiotic as a last resort, if he does not respond to the saline drops. I want to get a good night's sleep, and not worry about whether his ears will bother him later.

I have had dogs with recurring ear infections, and my vet suggested putting Vaseline in the ear canal to treat the problem.

This worked great for me because the ear canals do not have any glands. My dog gets the Vaseline in her ear, and she is good to go.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

I also am considering adding in a small amount of saline drops in the ear canal as well.

Comments for Antibiotics for dog ear infection?

Thanks for the information on using Vaseline to treat ear infections.

I have been looking at the different brands and types of antibiotic ointments and have not found one that I think would help the ear infection in my dog. He is not responding to the saline drops, and the vet is going to try to get him to drink some of the saline, but the saline is not even doing anything right now.

I am thinking about the Vaseline, but the problem is that the saline solution is getting it in his ear. I can't stand it when he rubs his face all over the floor when he is sleeping, and the salt is getting in the floor. Also, I think I want to try to get a bit more than the one-minute amount of Vaseline in each ear canal.

I have been reading about some of the other methods, such as putting zinc oxide powder in the ear canal. Some of the posts are from the 1800's, so I am not sure if this will work today.

I have heard from some people that they use the Vaseline on the outside ear, as well, and then wash the ear canal after using the Vaseline.

I have heard from people that they put a little dab of Vaseline in each ear canal, wait about a minute, and then clean the ears out. This would keep the Vaseline in the canal without getting it into the dog's ear, and then, when the salt is in the ear canal and it is time to clean the ear out, the Vaseline can be pushed back into the ear.

Comments for Antibiotics for dog ear infection?

Thanks for your feedback.

I have tried a variety of products for my dog, and he had to be on them for about a week each time, but they helped for a short time.

The problem is that I have tried several times, and it seems like the ear infections come back every time I get a chance to use the product. So, after reading some of the reviews, I think it is best to try to prevent them. The problem is that the antibiotics are not doing much good in this case.

I am trying to get his ear infections under control, so that he can have a happy life and be a part of the family. He is only 11 years old, so it is very hard for him to have to live in this condition.

He has been on antibiotics for several weeks, and I just want to try to get the antibiotics to work, because he cannot stand to get another set of ear infections.

I am considering trying the zinc oxide, because there is a lot of information about it. I am just going to try it out and see what happens.

As far as the Vaseline, I just tried the method that you described about how to get Vaseline into the ears without using the saline. He did not like that.

I tried it, and when he rubbed his face against the carpet he got it on the floor. The Vaseline has to be put into his ears on its own and I am not sure that the Vaseline will go in with the salt. I am not sure how it will work.

I will give it a try, but my vet thinks that it is better to go ahead and use the antibiotic in his ear. I am going to try to get a little bit of the antibiotic into each ear canal, but it is going to be a challenge to get it done, because he keeps trying to get out of the carrier that I put on him.

I have heard of using the Vaseline on the outside ear as well, and then putting the Vaseline back in after the ear is cleaned out.

I will give this a try and report back to you about the result.

Thanks again for your information.

Jan 7, 2011

Ear infections by DogGymStaff

For a long time my dog had ear infections. I would use antibiotic ear drops, but he didn't like the liquid. A friend of mine told me to use vaseline in the ears, because it does not go in the dog's ear. It is a bit messy. I tried it, and he had a hard time standing still. I would get one in each ear, wait a minute, and then clean it out with water. I would repeat this over and over again. It worked fairly well, but it did not last very long. It would not keep it under control for long.

I read that if you put zinc in the ear, it would help with ear infections, because it can coat the infection and help it to go away. I took some zinc for him, but it did not work for me. It just made his ears swell. So, I stopped that.

Another method that a lot of people use is to put a little vaseline in each ear, let it sit for

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