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How to groom a chihuahua

How to groom a chihuahua

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Caring for a chihuahua is fairly straightforward - but its small size and thin coat create a few special features that you should consider. The Chihuahua is an easy-care little dog - Image: Shutterstock / padu_foto

In order to keep your protégé healthy and alert with the right care, you should act responsibly when choosing your puppy. Make sure that his parents are healthy and alert and not too overbred, that is: too small. An adult Chihuahua should weigh two to three kilograms in order not to be so susceptible to diseases.

Regular care of the chihuahua

Check your dog's eyes, ears, teeth and claws regularly and see a veterinarian in the event of any abnormalities. Regular vaccinations and health checks are also important for the very robust dog.

Make sure your dog’s diet is healthy, balanced, and sized to keep your little pet healthy and strong. Under no circumstances should a Chihuahua be overweight, because that is not good for his petite physique and is very unhealthy for him. Of course, also make sure that your four-legged friend always has enough fresh water available.

Grooming and tips for wind and weather

Brush your short-haired Chihuahua from time to time with a soft baby brush. Breed representatives with long fur should regularly unravel with a comb and remove dirt and sticks after a walk. You can also bathe it from time to time if necessary, but of course only with lukewarm water.

The best dog brushes for grooming

As much fun as romping and cuddling with your four-legged friend is - during the change of fur ...

Since the dog's fur is lined with little undercoat, it freezes quickly - so be careful not to go on very extensive tours with it in very wet and very cold weather, that the dog stays in motion and possibly in this case is protected with a dog coat. Dry it with a soft terry towel when you are back in the apartment and make sure that it has a warm, draft-free place with a cozy dog ​​blanket where it can warm up again.

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