Deworming medicine for cats

Deworming medicine for cats

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Deworming medicine for cats and dogs

Cats have a life-threatening condition called feline

intestinal flukes that result in the loss of their hr.

Deworming medicine for cats and dogs is avlable to prevent

feline intestinal flukes in cats and to control their

infestation by whipworms in dogs.

How does

deworming medicine work?

The deworming

medicine for cats and dogs is avlable in the form of a pill or

tablet that contns anthelmintics to help kill the worms

inside the cat’s or dog’s intestinal tract. Although the

pills or tablets are usually administered orally, deworming

medicine can also be administered in other ways, such as by

injecting it into a cat’s muscles, or through a

deworming medicine spray in a cat’s ears, eyes or nose.

What are

feline intestinal flukes and how can they be dewormed?

Intestinal flukes are

parasitic worms that live in a cat’s or dog’s

intestinal tract. They are sometimes called threadworms. The

feline intestinal flukes that are most likely to cause a problem

in cats are called cat threadworms. These threadworms are

believed to be introduced into the cat’s body through

defecation of dogs, cats, or birds that carry the worm. They can

also be brought in through contact with another cat that has


What are

feline whipworms and how can they be dewormed?

Feline whipworms are a

type of parasitic worm that live in the small intestine of cats.

In the early 1990s, it was discovered that large numbers of cats

in the United States were being infected with whipworms that had

been moved into the country in food and flea treatment given to

cats. To prevent these infections, cat owners have been advised

to deworm their cats, which means giving the cat a

praziquantel, a deworming medicine. The cat will get its

deworming medicine in its food, which is specially prepared for

them. Deworming medications will be specially packaged and

labeled to ensure that it will not enter the human food supply.


can I help reduce the chance of worms in the


The best way to protect

your cat agnst worms and parasites is to keep it from getting

infected in the first place. This includes:


checkups at the veterinarian to ensure that it is receiving

medication for tapeworms, and not simply getting worms from the



feces outdoors rather than in the house to reduce the risk of

bringing parasites into the house.


your cat does become infected with worms, it should be dewormed,

and the household should be treated for fleas.


the household free of parasites will prevent your pet from

passing parasites on to you or your neighbors. Be sure to

check the environment around the house. You will also want to

be aware of the possibility of the pet cat getting fleas from

surrounding areas, and if they do get fleas from the environment

around the house, make sure that they are treated. It is best

to have the cat examined by the vet for any possible worms.


can I prevent my children from getting worms?

The same precautions

that parents take to prevent their children from getting worms

or parasites should be taken to protect children in the home.

Parasites can be picked up from a variety of different

surroundings, and one of the best ways to prevent your children

from getting parasites is to not allow them to eat food that is

not prepared for them. For example, raw vegetables or salad

should not be allowed to be on the table for children. It

should be noted that if a child does swallow a worm, it is more

likely to develop a large and pnful swelling in the throat.

This may require emergency surgery, but more likely it will be

managed by the pediatrician.

Can I treat my own worms?

If a person has

worm infestation and is using traditional over-the-counter

medications such as deworming medications, then these will not

treat worms. It is important to take your own advice and get a

vet to prescribe you medications that are prescribed for pets.

These medications will need to be applied on a regular basis,

or the worms will die, and then it is up to you to kill them

yourself. Over-the-counter remedies can only be used to clear

the worms. If a person does not have the money to get a

regular vet, then a good place to start would be with the

University of Tennessee, Knoxville. There is a free worm clinic

that is held there each year that anyone can attend. To

register for this clinic, you can call the UT worm clinic

between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM at

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