Spanish water dogs: grooming and care

Spanish water dogs: grooming and care

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Spanish water dogs - also called Perros de Agua Español - are characterized by their fur. The care of the curls splendor harbors some special features that have to be considered. Such a cute curly head - Image: Shutterstock / avarand

When it comes to grooming for Spanish water dogs, fur is the be-all and end-all. The curls of the Perro de Agua Español grow a whole life - it is therefore not subject to a hair change. This fact ensures that the curly heads are popular dogs for allergy sufferers. While there is no guarantee that people with dog allergy will have less discomfort with the Perro than with other dogs, it does happen frequently. Appropriate care is important, however.

Care of the fur

Spanish water dogs should never be brushed. That would destroy the curly fur structure. However, their fur should be shortened once or twice a year or sheared immediately. The ideal length here is 3 to 6 millimeters - you should make sure to shear evenly here and not cut any hairstyles. In between, you should examine the fur of your Perros de Agua Español for matted areas and, if necessary, pluck them apart. The four-legged friend should also go swimming regularly - this also supports the care of his fur.

Water dogs: sporty four-legged friends with a special hairstyle

Spanish water dogs: you should pay attention to this

An important point is the dog's claw care for allergy sufferers. If you live with your four-legged friend in the city and he walks a lot on hard surfaces, you should check the dog's claws regularly and shorten them if necessary.

Spanish water dogs also have very densely hairy ears. This protects the hearing organ from foreign bodies, but too much ear wax can easily lead to inflammation. It is best to carefully pull the hair out of the ear cup.

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