Orphan cat Ohagi: How it all started

Orphan cat Ohagi: How it all started

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Even if the little orphan cat Ohagi has blossomed into a big, strong and squeaky velvet paw - a video review of her first weeks in the new home is just too cute!

The tiny Ohagi did really well, even though it wasn't easy at the beginning of her life. Without a cat mom, she had to get used to the new animal roommates in her nursing home and had to be pumped up with the bottle. It is all the nicer to see her first small attempts in this video after a short time.

She is getting braver and even dares to take the first steps to make friends with the peaceful domestic dog, a chihuahua. Shortly after, a first climbing tour follows on the leg of her owner and that is only the beginning of her many sweet adventures. If you want to convince yourself that one of the sweetest kittens in the world has turned into a lively and cheerful cat, you should not miss this video: Ohagi's diary: an orphan kitten grows up.

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