Mini Kangaroos: Yikes, they're small!

Mini Kangaroos: Yikes, they're small!

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The mini kangaroos in this video are actually known as "brush kangaroos" - however, this name hardly describes how cute the little rascals are. Curtain up for two hopping marsupials of a special kind.

The young animals seen in this cute little film are part of a conservation project to preserve the breed. Unfortunately, this Australian marsupial species is endangered and has difficulties in its home due to natural enemies and food competitors on the one hand, and due to changes in its habitat by humans on the other.

With a size of just 28 to 45 centimeters and a weight between one and two kilograms, the cute brush kangaroos are fully grown and can reach a proud age of eleven years. It is nice that animal lovers have taken care of the conservation of this breed - their aim is above all to promote their distribution in the wild again.

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