Dogs in human clothes

Dogs in human clothes

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Dogs in human clothes

Dogs in human clothes are dogs which are used for acting in films, commercials, and in video games. They are sometimes deliberately malnourished to appear emaciated. Dogs in this condition can be seen in film scenes or television programs and are sometimes referred to as "actor dogs." Some owners who dress their dogs in costumes or make-up may do so because the costume is more convenient, or because they believe it enhances their dog's appearance. Such dogs have also appeared in commercials for products such as dog food, and they have made cameo appearances on television.

Actor dogs in film

The earliest known mention of an actor dog in film is a scene from the 1913 film, The Battle of the Dog starring comedian Charlie Chaplin. The dogs on screen were a collie named Mike and a boxer named Jack. At the end of the film, Charlie (as the "dog star" of the movie) is seen to be walking around with a new collar. However, later film references to actor dogs are limited to a single appearance, in the 1931 film, The Lost Parrot. This film, directed by William C. deMille, starred Wallace Beery as the dog star. In this film, the dog star is a German Shepherd. The dog is trned to "bark" like a German Shepherd, to indicate that a scene has ended, before the camera is turned off. The dog appears to have been trned to bark the phrase "Dingo! Dingo! Dingo!" The dog in this film has no collar. According to one source, at the end of the film, the actors walk off the set and the director appears to tell the dog star that he will have to be fed every evening. In either case, this is the first documented appearance of an actor dog in film.

The first actor dogs in films were "actor dogs", and there are no known breeds used as actors dogs in film. A list of actors who have used dogs as "acting dogs" includes the following:

John Astin

Peter Bull

Bob Cummings

Alan Hale

Peter Lawford

Dennis Price

Peter Sellers

Charlie Chaplin

Robert Walker

Tom Conway

Gary Cooper

Burt Lancaster

Wallace Beery

Alan Ladd



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