Redwood city dog park

Redwood city dog park

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Dog parks in Redwood City are a dime a dozen, but not too many have the type of amenities that makes this one so special. At least not yet.

It’s a sunny fall day at the Dog Park in Redwood City, with its three islands, a large paddock and a few picnic tables. It’s like something out of a fairytale, or maybe an episode of Desperate Housewives — or even better, a real life version of the opening scene in the Pixar film Up.

It’s a scene where an adorable puppy named Max, playing with a yellow plastic ball, leads an excited group of dogs on a scavenger hunt. This is all part of a day-long event where Redwood City’s newest dog park will be tested. The park, which will cost roughly $1.3 million to build, will be dedicated at 12 p.m. Saturday.

“There will be dogs playing in the grass, dogs jumping in the water, and dogs running around on the island,” said Redwood City City Councilwoman Pam Holm-Moore, whose city is building the park.

It’s all part of an effort to test out the new play areas at the park to see how they will operate, Holm-Moore said.

“It’s a unique dog park,” she said.

Dog parks have exploded in the past few years, from San Francisco to Los Angeles to New York. So much so that some cities are having a hard time finding places for dogs to play.

Not in Redwood City.

“It’s all about having a place for dogs to get some relief from traffic, in the summertime,” said Holm-Moore.

In this town, that means more than a few islands, a paddock and a few picnic tables. It’s a huge water feature with a lazy river, grass, and trees.

“My dog likes to play in the water,” Holm-Moore said.

It’s a park for both canine and their owners. A part of the park will be designated for dogs who have been properly trained and certified to play in public, and will have their own fenced area. The other part will be open to everyone.

“Dogs are a blessing,” said Holm-Moore.

The park will be a year-round amenity for the city, which is working to make Redwood City more dog friendly.

“We have been really conscious about making it a place that welcomes dogs in a positive way,” said Holm-Moore.

The parks department will be collecting data from Saturday to study the dog park’s performance. The council is expected to vote on the dog park next month.

If approved, the dog park will also have a gate to limit entry by large dogs, and a leash-free area for pets.

The project was proposed by an anonymous resident, and has drawn support from other neighborhoods.

The first park to be dog-friendly, Holm-Moore says this one will be a model for other parks in the city.

The parks department hopes that this will help other dog owners see Redwood City as a welcoming place for their pets.

“This is something that they will always want to come back to,” she said.

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