Dog ramp with rails

Dog ramp with rails

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Dog ramp with rails?

This is a discussion on Dog ramp with rails? within the Family Pet Care &,amp, Veterinary Care forums, part of the Dog category, I have a little wooden dog ramp. I don't think it's safe for the dogs to use it now. I think it could have used ...

Dog ramp with rails?

I have a little wooden dog ramp. I don't think it's safe for the dogs to use it now. I think it could have used some rails to make it safer, so I was wondering if I could build one myself, or if there's a better way to do this?

I got one of those dog ramps on amazon and it's not bad but it has notches in the sides and corners.

I think what you are asking for is a dog step. These ramps usually come in pairs, one for the person coming in and one for going out, and they usually have a metal bottom to stay firmly on the floor.

The first part of your question implies that you aren't familiar with that brand of ramp.

If it is a good brand you will probably want to see if someone else has used it with their dogs before you build something for yourself.

Otherwise, a small ramp like the one you have could work fine.

If you are concerned about accidents, perhaps you should consider an in-ground enclosure that protects the dogs from falling off?

As far as safety, the dogs can use a ramp to enter the house. It is no problem for the dog to leave the ramp on the floor. However, it is a problem for the owner to not secure it and let the dogs enter the house on it. That ramp should be on the steps or at least tied to the bottom of the steps.

My dogs (pit bull/golden retriever) love to play on stairs (up or down), so a ramp with the stairs is a must for me. I actually have a ramp with wheels that my dogs can play on (my little dachshund doesn't like it). I like having the ramp on the stairs because it's a little safer that way.

You need to put the ramp in a safe area. It is a good idea to anchor it to the floor and to get someone to help you with it.

What I like about a dog ramp is that it's small, easy to clean, and you can put it in just about any room. If it is not attached to the house, then you will have to store it somewhere, but that is probably worth the small amount of space it uses. If you need a ramp for the back deck, and you have a dog that enjoys playing on it, then the ramp you are describing will work, but make sure that you check the bottom on the ramps you find. If you can find one where the wheel is enclosed, then you don't have to worry about your dog rolling down the ramp and hurting himself. That is a good choice.

I think that your ramp sounds great, but it might have to be a special ramp that has a good material underneath. For example, you can get these special ramps, but you have to use a special sealant that you purchase to put it on the floor. There are a lot of different kinds of ramps you can get. However, some of the ones you will find are small and portable, but might not be good enough for a serious ramp.

Another option is to try to find a ramp that you can put your dogs on. I know that it would be difficult to get up and down stairs for your golden retriever, but at least it could be a temporary solution while you look for something better.


My old dog, Charlie has a big problem with stairways. She likes to run up and down and she's always trying to take a leap for the front door. I was wondering if I could rig up some kind of system to keep her on the ground. I have a few ideas but not enough time to try them all.



I had a dog similar to yours. I used a ramp from a dog supply store. It was a pretty basic piece of plastic that was about 2 feet long and was bent. He didn't like it and I found it rather frustrating but he ended up adapting fairly easily.

It would help if you had some more information though - what is it that you want to stop your dog from doing? He's too excited to watch TV or play video games?

We use an indoor ramp from Walmart for our dog, and it's been working very well for us. We've had a very excited Jack Russell Terrier for about 5 years now. He loves it, and we don't have to use it too often - the times we have to take him for a walk or just to do a thing, he won't take his harness off. He goes on and off of the ramp easily, and if he doesn't want to he can use a step stool to get off the ramp. So far we haven't had a problem and he's always having fun on it!

Our last dog wasn't overly friendly with a ramp (he didn't take much to do things like jump in the pool or onto a picnic table, which he was perfectly fine with), but she took to a ramp pretty quickly. We have used two different kinds of ramps - the one that was part of the dog supply store and the dog agility kind from Lowe's (if that helps at all).

We love having a dog that can safely do things on and off of a ramp. I have never had a problem with him doing that - his enthusiasm is always the problem!

I am about to get a dog, and I am really excited, but I have one concern, and that is, my dog, that I want to rescue from the pound, I am worried about him jumping on the stairs, so if someone has a answer to this.

I have a dog, about to be 4 months old, and I need help with him. He's afraid of stairs (only one step). There are two, but he is very excited and wants to go up the stairs, so I have to hold him from the stairs to stop him from getting there. I'm afraid he's going to do it and fall down the stairs. Can you tell me what to do or can someone please tell me the best way to train my puppy so he can be safe and never jump on stairs? He's a Puggle mix.

We use a step stool for

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