Blind cat Oskar gets the first toy

A great story: The adoptive owners of the blind cat Oskar give the velvet paw very special balls so that the house tiger can play like a normal cat.

Nice that there are people who take care of such poor and vulnerable animals! The cat named Oskar was born blind on a farm in Iowa. The cat's eyes could never fully develop due to genetic factors. Fortunately, unable to survive on the farm, a caring couple was found that the cat adopted. So that the blind cat can grow up almost normally, the owners gave the room tiger different balls. The special thing about the toy: the balls have bells so that Oskar can perceive them acoustically and not just feel them.

Oskar and Klaus: real animal friendship

Oskar also has a real friend, because the blind cat is not the only needy velvet paw that was adopted by the couple. The domestic tiger Klaus also had an difficult life. Klaus came to the animal shelter as a street cat and had ear damage from mites and many scars. The cat also lacked a few teeth. Meanwhile Klaus is doing brilliantly. In the meantime, a strong campaign was launched by the adoptive couple under the project name Oskar & Klaus: To help other animals in need, merchandising items by Oskar and Klaus are sold and the proceeds donated.

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