Dog breeds in india

Dog breeds in india

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Dog breeds in india

dog breeds in india


They're not "dog breeds" per se.

They are domesticated wolves or foxes.

These wolves and foxes were selected for their intelligence and docility, and many are more intelligent than wolves or foxes are in their natural environment.

Some were bred to hunt wild game.

Others were bred to guard livestock.

There is a lot of debate as to what breed you would get by breeding these wolves or foxes in captivity.

Some wolves (e.g. Great Pyrenees) are more like domestic dogs, and can be very affectionate, as well as intelligent. Some are less affectionate, and are bred to work with people, either as a pet or guard animal.

Some foxes (e.g. the Russian wolfhound) are bred to be very friendly.

In either case, there's an enormous variability. There's no "correct" dog breed, only dogs bred for a particular purpose (e.g. guard dogs, hunting dogs, working dogs, pet dogs).


Dog breed is the name given to a population of dogs, where each individual in the group is homogeneous, in that they are all genetically similar. They are often selected for characteristics and temperament. In practice, a "breed" is defined by the way that the dogs are trained and how they look. That's why we often talk about a Golden Retriever or a Bloodhound, or even a Poodle and Bulldog.

These are all breeds, though they might not have a formal name like the others. The characteristics of a breed are all unique, while the characteristics of an individual dog are all different.



There is no such thing as a "Dog Breed". There are dog breeds that have been developed over time through cross-breeding. That's all that can be said for the "Dog Breed".

In terms of the animals themselves... yes... in many cases. There are wolf dogs, but those are not breeds.

The most well known cross breeds are the Collie, Labradors and Golden Retrievers, and while there is a distinct similarity between those three breeds, they are all breeds.

The Poodle and the Bulldog? No.

There are also some "pure bred" dogs. These are dogs who have been carefully bred for a long time and the breeder has been able to identify certain traits they want to perpetuate. For example the Dalmatian breed of dog was developed over time by selecting dogs who had a certain color, the American Water Spaniel breed was developed by selecting only dogs who had a certain type of eye.

The point being is that a dog that can be bred as a pet or a guard dog or for show is more a dog that has been bred to have a particular trait than a dog that is bred with other dogs to make a distinct type.

In this sense there is no such thing as a dog breed.

But that doesn't mean that there is no breed of dog.

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