Cutest frog: Pets react to battle cries

Cutest frog: Pets react to battle cries

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The cute frog with his battle cry keeps the world in suspense. Pets also show strange reactions to the squeak that amphibians use to try to scare away their enemies. The members of the editorial team at can confirm this: Dogs and cats show funny reactions to the cry of the cute frog at home, too.

Did the sweetest frog in the world expect it? As soon as his battle cry sounds from the laptop speakers, the cat is alarmed and wants to know what is going on. Instead of chasing away potential enemies, the little Qietsch frog attracts. The cat sniffs the laptop and absolutely wants to know where the noise comes from and who is responsible for it. The same reaction was observed for the domestic cats of the members of the editorial team. A hangover was even so curious that he pushed the laptop across the table. No matter how often you let the frog squeak on YouTube: it always attracts the velvet paws.

Dog or cat: pets react to the battle cry of the cute frog

This Siberian Husky is also attracted by the battle cry of the rain frog from South Africa. With his ears pricked up, he listens to the squeak and tries to figure out where it comes from: he sniffs and listens, turns his head askew, but the cute frog is nowhere to be found. So far we have not been able to find out why pets react to the squeaky battle cry. But this reaction is always amazing and funny.

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  • person

    19-03-2013 13:03:46

    Johanna Wechler: how cute the frog squeaks and the dogs react to it. I haven't shown mine yet. Report abuse
  • 19-03-2013 11:03:26

    silkeschult: if the frog squeaks in the video then my little one turns off and is totally amazed: D Report abuse

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