Raw pork can be fatal to cats

Raw pork can be fatal to cats

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If you want to make your cat happy with fresh meat, you should never feed raw pork. In the worst case, the well-intentioned treat can have fatal consequences for your cuddly tiger. A virus that is harmless to humans can cause life-threatening Aujeszky's disease in cats. Picture: Shutterstock / Yutilova Elena

Deadly danger: do not feed raw pork

Those who prepare fresh pork for their dinner should resist the impulse to feed some of it to their gourmets on four paws. Commercial cat food also often contains poultry, fish, rabbits or beef, but rarely pork. The reason is that raw pork can contain a virus fatal to cats and dogs. Even if the meat in the canned food is usually cooked, it can't hurt to play it safe. The so-called Aujeszky virus is harmless to humans, but Aujeszky's disease means death for pets.

Aujeszky's disease: rescue not possible

If your beloved cat becomes infected with this virus, it will take between two and nine days for Aujeszky's disease to break out and progress very quickly. Even if you recognize the symptoms early, salvation is not possible because there are no cures for the virus. The symptoms are very similar to those of rabies: the nature of your cat changes, it becomes anxious and restless. After a while, twitches appear, breathing becomes faster and salivation increases. Therefore, Aujeszky's disease in cats is also known as pseudo-rage. Violent itching causes infected animals to scratch constantly, sometimes itching is so severe that the animals gnaw their entire limbs. Within 24 to 48 hours, Aujeszky's disease ends with death.

Although the risk of infection in Germany is relatively low, it is advisable to avoid raw pork when feeding. Accidentally or deliberately incorrectly declared pork, which actually comes from a risk country, does not make people sick - but such a mistake can cost your life like that.

Healthy cat nutrition in nature: prey mouse

The mouse as a typical prey of cats provides all the nutrients that the fluffy hunters need ...

No raw pork - what about other varieties?

Raw pork is off limits to cats, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't feed raw meat. Many cat lovers even swear by nourishing their cat with the so-called biologically appropriate raw feeding - "barf" for short. Beef as well as poultry, sheep and horse meat and game are considered as types of meat for barfen - only raw pork has nothing to lose on the menu of cats, otherwise all types of meat are suitable.

However, the raw meat alone is not enough for bartending. Cats also need vitamins and minerals for a healthy, species-appropriate diet, otherwise there can be dangerous deficiency symptoms. If you want to cook cat food yourself and use raw meat, you have to add minerals and vitamins. It is best to ask your veterinarian for advice on this topic, he can also give you tips for a successful diet change. There are certain mineral powders that you can add when you are playing, but grated eggshells can also serve this purpose. Taurine and other important nutrients may also need to be supplemented.

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