Virginia beach dog parks

Virginia beach dog parks

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The Virginia Beach Municipal Stadium dog park has space for 70 dogs.

(Submitted by the Virginia Beach Dog Park Committee)

A new dog park is expected to be finished next week on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.

The new dog park will replace a previous dog park located at the southwest corner of The Strand and 17th streets. That dog park closed in early March of this year and is being replaced by a similar facility with room for 70 dogs.

Volunteers are on the ground with the dogs now and on Monday, they should be able to pour in the concrete, a representative with the Virginia Beach Dog Park Committee said.

The cost of the new park, which is being paid for by the Virginia Beach City Council, is estimated to be about $60,000.

“This is really going to be a great park for the dogs,” said Jim Veal, chairman of the Virginia Beach Dog Park Committee.

The first step will be to construct a small pond to serve as a cool down area for dogs to cool off and do business.

The Virginia Beach Municipal Stadium dog park is a city-owned park and there are about 25 acres of park space on the Boardwalk. The dog park, which is next to the stadium, has space for about 70 dogs, but is not quite large enough to have a separate off-leash section for dogs, said a representative with the Virginia Beach Dog Park Committee.

“The dog park is an off-leash area,” said Veal. “Dogs can come and play with their dogs if they like. It has a leash requirement if a dog gets away.”

“Some people can’t even take their dog to the park. The Virginia Beach Dog Park Committee has been trying to get a smaller, off-leash section with room for about 30 dogs to accommodate more people,” said Veal. “I would love to see one of those off-leash sections and maybe make it dog friendly.”

“I am sure this will be a huge hit,” said Veal, a member of the Virginia Beach Dog Park Committee. “It’s nice and cool. They have shade from the trees, they have a place to go potty and drink.”

The committee will continue its efforts to build the park this summer. The committee also hopes to build a play area with a sand volleyball court.

The Virginia Beach Dog Park is located at the Boardwalk along Beach Drive. It’s about 100 yards to the left from the dog gate on Boardwalk and is clearly marked.

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