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First aid for dogs: equipment for emergencies

First aid for dogs: equipment for emergencies

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Whether an accident, tick bite, or illness: An animal emergency often happens faster than the veterinarian can be with you. While you are waiting for him, you should be able to act quickly, effectively and safely. These articles will help you with that. First aid for dogs: equipment for emergencies - Image: Shutterstock / Cristobal Garciaferro

Knowing first aid measures is important, but can never replace a visit to the vet in an emergency. If the in-house veterinarian cannot be reached, a list of emergency telephone numbers should be available, which should include veterinarians on call, the emergency animal service and animal protection for found animals. If the vet is on the go, you can go to the primary care. But how does that work?

1. How to act in an emergency

If you have mastered first aid for dogs just as safely as you do for humans and are able to recognize emergency situations and assess them correctly, you can save your four-legged friend's life if the worst comes to the worst. Did you know that there are extra courses for dog first aid? First aid books can also help you learn the most important thing about behavior in animal emergencies.

2. The first aid kit always with you

Whether your dog has stepped into a shard or has a tick in its fur: a first aid kit is essential for quick first aid. It should be handy and suitable for on the go. If it can be attached to the belt like this one, it is quickly within reach even on vacation, on excursions or long walks. Included are wound compress, gloves, alcohol swabs, tweezers and many other important helpers.

3. For calm nerves in need

Many dog ​​owners today swear by Bach flowers for dogs, which are also available especially for emergencies. Fear of the veterinarian, shock and other "extreme situations" for the dog are the areas of application of the Bach flower mix "Rescue Pets", also known as "emergency drops". The mixture of flowers and rock water is supposed to calm the nerves with its natural active ingredients and facilitate emergency situations for your excited four-legged friend.

4. Detect diseases quickly

The most important dog diseases at a glance: The "Quickfinder dog diseases" should help with more than 100 disease portraits and many symptom descriptions to classify what your four-legged friend could be missing. It also includes a comprehensive chapter on first aid. Diagram boards, preventive tips and much more should help your beloved four-legged friend get well again as quickly as possible.

Bach flowers for dogs: tips for beginners

Whether an unpleasant trip to the vet or a move is pending: Many dog ​​owners swear in exciting ...


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