First aid for cats: tips for emergencies

First aid for cats: tips for emergencies

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It is said that cats have seven lives - but that doesn't stop our little rascals from risking one from time to time. Whether a minor mishap or a major accident: in an emergency, it is important to keep calm and to act in a targeted manner, because the better the preparation, the less the damage. Very important in an emergency: keep calm and be well prepared - Image: Shutterstock / Ilike

Before you play it safe with our four emergency tips, you should draw up a small telephone list. In addition to the mobile and landline number of your veterinarian, write down the emergency service number in your state and the animal welfare association that pays for found animals. On the website of the Federal Chamber of Veterinarians you will find the online addresses of the veterinary chamber in your region, under which the corresponding numbers are listed.

So that you can find everything in the excitement, you should carry the list with you in your wallet or stick it on the pin board. Now for our emergency tips:

Tip 1: Be prepared for emergencies

Every minute counts in an emergency. First aid books ensure that you react in an emergency and can provide your room tiger with adequate care in a variety of situations until the veterinarian arrives. This book was written by the cat veterinarian Dr. Michael Streicher writes and prepares you well for all kinds of emergency situations.

Tip 2: Very important: the first aid kit

With a first aid kit for cats, small and large injuries are quickly taken care of. It should not be missing in any animal household and should be kept in a place where it can be found quickly. The simple version includes practical utensils such as dressing packs, wound dressings, tick pliers and swabs.

Tip 3: The emergency drops

The emergency drops contain a special mixture of Bach flowers that many pet owners swear by. Their ingredients are said to help cats who have been hit by an accident or shock, calm their nerves and give them stamina. They can also be given to house tigers who are afraid of the veterinarian.

Tip 4: Ready for the transport box

The transport box for your cat should be easy to find in an emergency, big enough, easily lockable, open from above and from the front and not new territory for the cat. To avoid additional stress, you should get used to your velvet paw from the start. The easiest way is to leave them with a cozy blanket and a few treats open in the apartment for a few days so that your cat can try them out.


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