Tame stray cat

Picking up a stray cat is not an easy decision. It is important to carefully weigh up advantages and disadvantages. Once you have decided to do so, it is best to follow a few rules when taming your cat.

A stray cat has a great urge for freedom, you cannot just tame it and make it a domestic cat. Be aware from the start that the stray cat has lived its life in freedom and wants to continue to do so. Nevertheless, the cat can get used to you and belong to you and your possibly other cats.

Health check for stray cats

First of all, try to find out more about the stray cat. The velvet paw may have heard somebody before it started life on the street. Try to find out if someone misses the cat by posting it in the neighborhood or contacting animal shelters and veterinarians.

If no owner appears and you want to take care of the cat, you must have it neutered first. Every stray cat should be neutered to prevent unwanted reproduction. Especially if you plan to take in the cat in the long term, you should keep in mind that you want to give one home, and not an entire litter.

Also, schedule a health check on the stray cat you want to tame. Wild animals carry more viruses and parasites. Especially if you have other cats living with you, you should have the stray cat examined and treated or vaccinated with consideration for your domestic cats.

Stray cats have their own heads

The best way to tame a stray cat is to feed it in the same place. However, this should not be the same place where you also feed your domestic cats. Your own cats can be extremely unsettled by a new animal. This can manifest itself in the fact that they start urinating or getting dirty for fear of the new rival. Or there are violent brawls with the stray cat. Make sure that the chemistry in the group is right and that the stray dog ​​is received in a friendly manner. If not, you should consider carefully whether you want to continue taming the stray cat or give up trying for the well-being of your domestic cats.

Stray cats have their own heads - only some cats will be tamed in the long term and will move in with you. It is best to let the wild cat, even if you tame it, still have enough freedom.