Cats and their sense of smell: This is how fur noses smell

It is not as good as that of a dog, but much better than that of us humans: the sense of smell of a cat. However, this does not apply to the taste sensation of the velvet paws. Find out more here. Cats smell much better than humans - Shutterstock / Alex Brylov

Cats' sense of smell is not as pronounced compared to their other senses, such as the sense of sight or touch. Nevertheless, the cat's nose is about three times better than the human nose. For comparison: humans have around 5 to 20 million olfactory cells, cats up to 65 million.

Cat's sense of smell: important for detection, food selection, etc.

As with many other animals, the sense of smell in cats is used to identify other animals. Based on body odor, Stubentiger draw conclusions about presence, genes, gender, hormone status and area markings. The sense of smell is also important in relation to sexual behavior - females signal their willingness to mate, for example, through their body odor.

Also strongly dependent on the sense of smell: the food selection. Cats sniff at their cat food and only then decide whether to eat it or not. The cat smell also plays a major role in the enjoyment of the food - in contrast to the sense of taste, which is not too important for the velvet paws.

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Taste sense in cats is rather poor

With only 473 taste buds - humans have around 9,000 - cats aren't exactly masterful when it comes to taste. They "taste" much more with their sense of smell. It has now been proven that cats cannot taste "sweet". However, they differentiate between sour, bitter, salty and umami.

What the cat smells good and what not

Of course there are a number of smells that cats particularly like or simply cannot smell. Her favorite scents include floral and herbal scents. Popular herbs that cats can really intoxicate include catnip, sage, lavender and valerian. In addition, most house tigers also like the smell of worn clothing and soap.

Brushed fur is preprogrammed when smelling ashtrays. Also not pleasant for the cat's nose are the pungent smells of cleaning agents and hairspray as well as anti-mosquito spray, which could also be called anti-cat spray.