Keeping Maine Coon and other pedigree cats as free dogs: is that possible?

Every cat loves to roam through nature as a freelancer, but this is not without its dangers. For the Maine Coon and other pedigree cats, besides the usual risks such as car accidents or poisoning, there is also the fact that they could be stolen. So what to do? This beautiful Maine Coon cat feels really comfortable in the garden - Shutterstock / Mitrofanov Alexander

The Maine Coon looks simply gorgeous with its long, soft fur, beautifully curved profile and imposing physique. Bengal cats, British shorthair, Ragdoll and other pedigree cats are usually recognizable as such at first glance.

Unfortunately, this can cause cat thieves to kidnap the beautiful pedigree cat and resell it to unsuspecting people. But is that why you shouldn't keep the Maine Coon and other pedigree cats as free dogs?

Bengal cat, Maine Coon, BKH and Co .: What are the advantages of free access?

Maine Coon cats grow very large and take up a lot of space. The British Shorthair is not exactly one of the small breeds. The Bengal cat in turn has an extremely high urge to move due to its wild roots and is particularly adventurous. Housekeeping alone gets too boring for them.

If the balls of fur are allowed outside, it is easier to offer them enough space and employment so that they feel comfortable. In addition, the curious cats love it when they can hunt for mice in the garden and enjoy nature.

Basically, a free-range cat is easier to utilize than a pure house cat. There is always something new to discover on their forays. Therefore, it is a great pleasure for all cats to let off steam as a free-litter - regardless of whether it is a pedigree or domestic cat.

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What are the dangers of pedigree pedigree cats?

Cats that have unsecured clearance are always lurking dangers that do not apply to indoor cats. Whether pedigree cat or not, road traffic is a great danger for all velvet paws as they can be run over or injured.

Especially young or inexperienced house tigers cannot correctly estimate the speed of the cars. The risk of an accident is particularly high in the city and near busy roads.

In addition, it can happen that the kitty gets poisoned - some dog and cat haters target poison baits, but rat poison can also be fatal.

Other possible dangers in the big wide world for outdoor enthusiasts include train tracks, angry neighbors who don't like cats, or swimming pools where cats can fall and drown in.

The special thing about pedigree cats is that they usually differ optically from domestic cats without pedigree. So they run the risk of being stolen, kidnapped and resold. However, the other risks to which all free-range cats are exposed are far more likely than cat theft.

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Keep Maine Coon and other pedigree cats safe and species-appropriate

Fortunately, there are not only the possibilities of pure housing and uncontrolled access, but also compromise solutions. It is important that the Maine Coon and other pedigree cats have enough employment and space. As long as this is given, you will also feel comfortable in the apartment.

Large, robust cat trees are very important for large cat breeds such as the Maine Coon, the British Shorthair or the Ragdoll. A stable, versatile cat tree is also indispensable for the adventurous Bengal cat.

Varied toys and a companion are also advisable so that your pedigree cat does not get bored when you are not at home and she is alone.

Design a balcony or terrace as a cat playground

So that your cat can breathe fresh air in a safe environment, the balcony can be secured with a cat net, for example.

If you don't have a balcony, but a terrace, you can convert it into an enclosure with a cat playground and climbing opportunities.

Go for a walk with the cat instead of unlimited access

The Maine Coon and many other cats are usually very smart and like to learn. Therefore, you can try to teach your velvet paw to walk on a leash.

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The Maine Coon cat Maya in the video shows how great she can be on a leash:

Secure access for pedigree cats in the garden

Finally, there is the possibility of fencing the garden against escape and playing outside with your Maine Coon or other pedigree cats under supervision.

Then your fur nose can enjoy the benefits of free-living without being exposed to the dangers.

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You can see an example of secure access in the garden in this video: