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Dog driving license: what is it actually?

Many mistresses and masters own a dog license. But what does this term actually mean and what does the dog driving license actually bring? Advantage of the dog license: The dog can walk without a leash - Image: Shutterstock / Real Deal Photo

The dog driving license is a certificate of competence for you as a dog owner, with which you can show that you have special knowledge in dealing with the animals. Furthermore, the animal driving license provides information that you have brought up your dog well and are under control, so that the fur nose is not a danger to other dogs or to people. Therefore, the dog driving license is often also titled as proof of obedience.

Dog driving license: No obligation, but useful

In Germany, the dog driving license is not mandatory, but there are some regulations in this country in some federal states that restrict the keeping of dogs if you do not have a driving license. In Schleswig-Holstein, for example, you must have a dog license to hold a dog breed classified as dangerous. In Hamburg, on the other hand, the law allows you to go for a walk without a leash if you have a dog license. In other countries, such as Switzerland, you must have a dog license to be able to buy a dog at all. For example, make yourself aware of the individual regulations in your district before moving, but also if you want to buy a dog for the first time. This will save you any hassle.

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This will be checked with the dog driving license

As a rule, the dog driving license consists of three parts:

● Expert knowledge of the dog owner: basic knowledge that is necessary for keeping, handling and training dogs.
● Dog obedience: A close, trusting bond between the dog owner and the dog, which means that the dog can be controlled by the dog owner in any situation and at any place.
● Social tolerance of the dog: appropriate, considerate behavior of the dog owner with his dog in public and in everyday situations. Here, the dog should present itself in a peaceful and socially acceptable manner and, despite great distraction and heavy stress, should not react inappropriately aggressively. The dog owner must have full control in every situation.

Where to get a dog license

How to get a dog license varies from state to state. For example, the evidence is issued by the Association for German Dogs, the Professional Association of Certified Dog Schools or the Professional Association of Dog Trainers and Behavioral Advisers. Veterinary chambers also offer to buy a certificate there. The acquisition of a dog handler license is usually associated with at least one practical test.