Dog harness: How to put it on properly

If you want to put on a dog harness for your dog for the first time, you may be at a loss as to your newly acquired collar alternative. Where does which tab belong, where do you close the buckle and how do you know at the end whether the dog harness is properly seated? We will explain it to you.

No matter which model you choose - when buying a dog harness, it is very important to pay attention to the correct fit. To do this, they measure your dog's neck and chest circumference. The latter is measured at the widest part of the dog's breast directly behind the elbow. To do this, loosely put on the measuring tape and note the values.

You can buy suitable dog harnesses from the pet shop or via online mail order.

Put on dog harness: how it works

Take your time when you put your dog on a harness for the first time, he has to get used to it. First unfold it and hold it in front of it. He can sniff it in peace. Then let your dog "sit" and sit behind him. If you try to put your dog's dishes on from the front, they may get scared.

Some models have two tabs that are designed for the legs. First lift the dog's right front leg and put it through the right flap. Then the left front leg with the left flap is on. Now you can put on the dishes and close the buckle on the back.

Some dog harnesses are also placed on the front of the chest. Pull this dog harness over the dog's head and then put it over the back. You can then close it with a buckle. If your dog does not like it if you pull something over his head, you can usually open the neck loop and tie it like a collar.

Praise your dog for having the dog harness put on properly. You can also convince him with treats that this process will soon become a routine he enjoys.

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Dog harness: check seat

The dog harness is usually adjustable in size after being put on. It must not sit too tightly so that your dog does not feel constricted. But it should also not be so easy that your dog can slip out while walking. If there is a front ring on the harness, it is important that it does not exert any pressure on the dog's sternum. The ring should be above or below.

The dishes should also give the animal enough leg room. It is best for large dogs to be about a hand's breadth behind the elbow. For small ones, a little less distance is fine, but the belt should not sit directly in the armpits, otherwise it will rub.

Now you can put the leash on and the walk can begin. If you get the feeling that your dog feels uncomfortable while walking, you should check the position of the dog harness again.

A summary of how to put on the dog harness and check the fit can be found in the following video:

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