Cat Opa Mason: From a wild stray to a cuddly hangover

Cat Opa Mason: From a wild stray to a cuddly hangover

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It is never too late to learn and experience love and security. The story of cat grandpa Mason and his adoptive kittens in the video gives hope and shows that even the wildest stray dog ​​with patience, understanding and a lot of affection can become a caring cuddle - if you give him a chance.

When Mason became aware of the Canadian cat rescue organization "Tiny Kittens HQ", the old man was in poor shape. Marked by numerous struggles, scarred and overgrown, he had managed to survive as a stray for many years. He had a leg injury, suffered from renal insufficiency and initially did not let anyone get close to him. But his saviors did not give up.

They treated his wounds and treated his chronic kidney disease as much as possible. They played with him, gave him warmth and security - and very slowly the rough-legged senior cat gained confidence. He started to get used to the comfort of a warm home and felt more and more comfortable. But he couldn't quite leave his past in the wilderness behind and he was always a bit unapproachable.

But then the orphaned cats Scrammy, Hatch and Moo Shu entered Mason's life. The kittens padded impartially towards the old gentleman, gently nudged him with their pacific snuggles, snuggled up to him and let him play along with her teasers - and the stray veteran became a loving replacement grandpa for the tiny fur noses. What a heart-wrenching story!

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