Large dog breeds that do not shed: These are suitable

Large dog breeds that do not shed: These are suitable

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Do you have an allergy to animal hair, but still don't want to do without a large four-legged friend? There are significantly more small dogs than large dog breeds that do not shed. Nevertheless: The following popular larger dogs are considered so-called hypoallergenic breeds that do not distribute as much fur in their environment. Spanish water dogs: large dog breeds that do not shed - Image: Shutterstock / Daz Brown Photography

Large dogs often lose large amounts of hair. Regardless of whether you are allergic to dog hair or just bother about it: Large dog breeds that do not shed can help here. But which animals lose less hair than others? The magic word here is: undercoat - or the lack thereof. This means that the animals are not subject to a change of fur and therefore have little or no hair. Many allergy sufferers have had good experiences with these four-legged friends. But keep in mind: there is never a guarantee.

These are large dog breeds that do not shed

A dog that was bred specifically for the needs of people with dog hair allergy and is therefore considered hypoallergenic is the Labradoodle. The friendly curly head is a mixed breed of poodle and labrador. However, he has his fur from the poodle: it is frizzy and has no undercoat, so the Labradoodle does not lose hair. You should brush and trim it regularly to keep it silky and healthy. These active family dogs are among the large dog breeds that do not shed. In the following overview you will find other larger dog breeds that have little or no hair:

• Standard poodle
• Giant Schnauzer
• Komondor
• Curly Coated Retriever
• Lagotto Romagnolo
• Airedale Terrier
• Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican hairless dog)

Small dog breeds that do not shed: tips when choosing

Animal friends with dog allergy and little space are often looking for small dog breeds that do not shed. A…

Water dogs: tips for allergy sufferers

Water dogs are also popular dogs for allergy sufferers - there are both Spanish and Portuguese. A very famous Portuguese water dog is Bo, the cute four-legged friend of former US President Barack Obama and his family. Water dogs have a long history: They existed almost 1,000 years ago. They also have no lower skin - however, in contrast to the Labradoodle, their fur should not be brushed, but only shortened once or twice a year.

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