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Feed cats with light food: recipes

If you want to feed cats with light food, you can easily make them yourself at home with the help of a few recipes. In this way, he can be sure that the sick cat really only gets the food and additives that are good for her. Feeding cats with light food: Do-it-yourself is not difficult - Image: Shutterstock / Inna Astakhova

Gastrointestinal diseases, age-related unwillingness to eat or stress: If the house tiger no longer likes its normal food or cannot tolerate it, the veterinarian often advises to eat gently. The ingredients for the recipes can be found in every supermarket.

When does a cat need light food?

A cat can rely on light food for a variety of reasons, such as during an illness or for recovery after an illness or surgery. Disease or overload of the gastrointestinal tract is often a reason. Common causes of light food are:

• vomiting
• diarrhea
• Stomach pain
• loss of appetite
• After operations
• During or after illness
• Overworked gastrointestinal tract

Gentle food for the cat: ingredients and their effects

In the case of diarrhea or vomiting in particular, a low-stimulus diet is the best choice. Suitable ingredients include:

• Chicken and turkey: Easily digestible
• Low-fat fish, for example saithe
• Apples: When grated, the pectins contained in the apple bind liquid
• Carrots: if they are cooked for a long time and then pureed, they contain pathogens in the intestine.

Cat has diarrhea: which nutritional foods should be fed?

Turkey and lean chicken are good for your cat if you want them to be fed gently. This meat is particularly easy to digest if it has been cooked and carefully removed from bones and fat. If the cat has or had diarrhea, a little grated and peeled apple or soft-boiled, mashed carrots can help.

Cat has diarrhea: what to do to stop it?

Mild, acute diarrhea in cats is usually not life threatening. In this case ...

Do-it-yourself recipes for cat food

Most cats love chicken. Boil it in water without spices, free it of fat, skin and bones and cut it into small pieces that you serve your pet at room temperature. Pureed poultry meat is even easier to digest. If the cat has diarrhea, you can add a little grated apple or carrot puree and mix the whole thing with a little salted broth from the health food store. This helps your cat regain lost minerals.

Feed the light food in small portions throughout the day and always at room temperature. Make sure that there are no difficult-to-digest ingredients in the feed, i.e. not too hard pieces, not too much fat and no raw food with the exception of grated apple. The light food should also always be crushed, ideally pureed. Always provide the cat with enough water. If you like, you can also drink some broth. If you are unsure, always consult your veterinarian, who can give you ready-made food if you don't want to cook yourself.

Caution! If your cat suffers from a chronic illness such as organ weakness, it needs special food from the veterinarian; In this case, sparing food alone is not enough and only makes sense temporarily for acute digestive problems.