Cat sleeps on electrical appliances: Beware of overheating

Cat sleeps on electrical appliances: Beware of overheating

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Printers, routers, DVD players, laptops and other electrical devices are popular sleeping places in the eyes of many cats because they emit heat. But caution is required here - some electrical devices can sometimes overheat quickly if there is a ball of fur on them. "Such a warm laptop is really cozy," thinks this young cat - Shutterstock / Ortis

Cats don't know they can't lie on electrical devices, so you shouldn't be angry with them. After all, a fur nose simply sees a heat-emitting device such as the Internet router as a warm place to sleep.

Electrical appliances are not sleeping places for cats

Electrical appliances that give off heat when they are in operation like to consider cats as sleeping places. The devices have ventilation slots that cool the technology. If your cat, who loves heat, lies on the ventilation slots, the necessary cooling is not provided, since the heat generated cannot escape.

The device can then overheat during operation and even be damaged as a result. In particular, electrical devices such as routers or removable hard drives only tolerate a certain temperature. If this suddenly increases due to a room tiger lying on it, you must expect the electronics to fail.

How to keep your cat away from cables

The fact that headphone or charging cables look like artificial mouse tails is really unfavorable. Someā€¦

This way you can avoid overheating

The most effective way to prevent your cat from overheating the electrical appliances is to place the temperature-sensitive pieces out of the reach of your fur nose. Since cats are true climbers, it is not enough to choose a higher position.

A good trick: put the router, external hard drive etc. in a cage or surround it with another protection such as a wire basket. It is important that enough air gets to the device. So the device quickly becomes unattractive for your protégé, since he or she can usually only enjoy the heat when it comes into direct contact with the housing.

Regularly remove electrical hair from animal devices

A general tip for all pet owners: Regularly clear your electrical devices of hair that can accumulate in the devices and around the circuits and can also lead to overheating. For example, you should remove cat hair from the fan of your PC every few weeks.

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