Pets are good for kids: 5 reasons

Pets are a blessing for every family - and especially for every child. But why is that? In fact, there are countless reasons why dogs, cats and the like are good for children. You can find five of them here. Pets are also great playmates - Shutterstock / StockLite

Pets strengthen the health of children, ensure better mental development and are always at the side of the little ones. These and other advantages of a pet-child relationship may not necessarily apply in every case, but they are still true.

1. Children who grow up with pets are healthier

Scientific studies prove it: children who grow up with pets usually have a stronger immune system, suffer less frequently from respiratory and infectious diseases in the course of their lives and have been shown to develop fewer allergies.

2. Pets strengthen the sense of responsibility

Keeping a pet has many responsibilities, some of which children should take on. Whether it's cleaning the litter box or walking the dog - children who grow up with animal companions usually have to take responsibility very early, which can have a positive impact on their later lives.

3. More social skills and faster development

In addition to a sense of responsibility, the whole character is strengthened in children who grow up with pets. Especially when a strong human-animal bond is built up, preschool children in particular often develop faster than peers without pets. For example, a child learns very quickly how to respond to the needs of animals and thus develops an understanding of other living things at an early stage.

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4. Pets have a calming effect on children

Whether purring a cat while doing homework or petting the dog's fur shortly before falling asleep - the presence of pets not only has a positive effect on mood and emotions, but is also proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

5. Protection and fresh air thanks to animal companions

Dogs in particular mostly act as protectors in families, especially with regard to the little ones. This not only feels good for children, but can even be life-saving in dangerous situations, such as in traffic.

Speaking of the street: children who grow up with pets are outside more often than children without animal playmates. Whether playing in the garden or going for a walk - fresh air thanks to pets is healthy and makes you happy.