Touching friendship: Owen and three-legged dog

Touching friendship: Owen and three-legged dog

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Two fates - one human and one animal. Two life paths, however young and yet characterized by setbacks. This equation results in a deep friendship: between a small boy from England and a three-legged Anatolian shepherd dog.

Owen Howkins is seven years old and lives in Basingstoke in southern England. Fate made his life much more difficult. Owen suffers from Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, a rare genetic predisposition that causes his muscles to be permanently under tension, which means that he has to spend a large part of his time in a wheelchair. Until recently, Owen felt isolated and particularly insecure towards strangers. But then he found a three-legged soul mate.

Haatchi and Owen: Two stories, one friendship

Haatchi, a year-old Anatolian shepherd dog, shares a path of sadness and difficulty with Owen. At the age of five months, the dog was chained to a train track. The approaching train severed one leg. The seriously injured animal wandered around for days before it was found. The veterinarians favored the lulling of the battered shepherd dog until a charity became aware of the beautiful animal and saved it from the last course in its very young life.

Dog and cat are friends for life

Shared pain is half of the pain

Without realizing what turn the animal family member would have, Coleen and Will Howkins - the parents of the seriously ill Owens - took care of him. Immediately there was a special bond characterized by love and affection between Owen and the three-legged Anatolian shepherd Haatchi: "From the beginning it looked as if there was a magical bond between the two. They knew that there was something different with their respective counterpart" Will Howkins told Life With Dogs news portal.

History touches people all over the world

From then on they both held together like bad luck and sulfur. Owen in particular benefits every day from his three-legged dog friend. He has also become more trusting towards strangers when Haatchi is by his side while walking. "When I saw Haatchi and realized how strong he is, even though he only has three legs, I became stronger myself," says Owen. The touching story of the two best friends moves people around the world. Haatchi's Facebook page has almost 5,500 fans, and the number is rising.

Tripod dog Haatchi as a therapist

The sensitive dog Haatchi has meanwhile even received training to become a therapy dog ​​and is intended to provide comfort and hope to English soldiers who have had limbs amputated in the near future. Because who could be more familiar with it than himself? And that animals serve well as therapists has long been known.

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