Housing for rabbits? Melvin and Bianca show how it's done

Housing for rabbits? Melvin and Bianca show how it's done

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The rabbit siblings Melvin and Bianca from Sweden are allowed to move around freely in the apartment. You enjoy an absolutely cage-free life. This is probably the most beautiful way to keep rabbits in the apartment: see video.

Can it really work that way? Melvin and Bianca lead the way! The two rabbits roam freely in the apartment and are house-trained. They follow their bipeds everywhere and love cuddles. The exemplary owner also teaches Melvin and Bianca little tricks! How peaceful and carefree they look, these two bunnies ...

The long-eared siblings even sleep together in their own rabbit bed or explore the large, wide sleeping realm of their favorite person. It is played with your own toys, cheerfully romped and neatly fed. Here they have everything they need for a happy rabbit life - and much more.

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