Cole and Marmalade: What doesn't fit is made to fit

Cole and Marmalade: What doesn't fit is made to fit

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If cats want to fit in anywhere, they will fit in too. With the velvet paws Cole and Marmalade it is of course no different, as a cute YouTube video shows.

The internet stars Cole and Marmalade are - like other cats - sometimes very special: the kitties like to squeeze themselves into quite unusual places. The owner of the two now provides the proof in a funny compilation on the video platform YouTube.

Whether in a backpack, a handbag, a bowl, a kitchen device or in a very simple box: there is no place where Cole and Marmalade are not comfortable. There is hardly a cavity, even if it is so small, that it is safe from the two cuddly cuddles - well, at least almost every cavity. Because even the sweet cat duo sometimes reaches its limits.

Why do cats love tight boxes and boxes?

Many cat owners know it: you bring a new cat toy, unpack it and the cat ...

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