Husky Lilo and her cat friends explore toys

Husky Lilo and her cat friends explore toys

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The pretty husky lady Lilo and her cat friends Misty and Rosie have got a new toy: a little plush beetle robot that does its laps on the floor. Together, the unusual animal family explores the unknown object in the video.

Misty dabs the funny beetle a few times with her paws - she has polydactyly and therefore a fifth toe on each front paw. Rosie looks at the toy rather skeptically - until Lilo nudges the crawling beetle for her. Then the cute cat sniffs the robot and concludes that it has nothing to fear from him.

Husky Lilo and the cats Misty and Rosie have known each other since the two Miezis were very small. The hearts of the cute animals not only take care of their huskies and cats, but also pamper stray cats. In this way, Rosie and Misty came home to Lilo and their family. The following video shows how Misty and Lilo got to know each other.

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