"Wah, vegetables!": Corgi puppy barks at pumpkin

"Wah, vegetables!": Corgi puppy barks at pumpkin

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"It's orange, it looks like vegetables, I can't stand it!" Says the corgi in this video. The hearty puppy obviously doesn't like colorful delicacies at all and of course has to loudly demonstrate his discomfort, just like dogs do.

The adorable puppy barks boldly at the pumpkin. The little guy keeps throwing his fluffy head on the back of his neck as if he wanted to use gestures to substantiate his displeasure with the evil intruder. But that's not all: the smart four-legged friend gets up, seesaws on the spot and nudges the strange vegetables several times with his paw and his damp nose.

"I don't like this thing at all!", The furry animal barks and stamps its paws on the floor. A sweet way to complain about healthy food!


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