Japanese commercial shows cat alone at home

What do cats actually do when they have a storm-free booth? The cute Japanese commercial in the video investigates this question. An elderly lady goes out to run errands and says goodbye to her cute cat. This waits briefly until her mum is out of sight - and invites all her friends from the neighborhood to a small cat party.

The cats make themselves comfortable in the living room on the sofa, jump on the table (which they are not allowed to do otherwise) and drive a carousel on the turntable. In the bathroom they roll off all the toilet paper rolls and snuggle up in the sink. A climbing competition, who can climb the curtains the fastest, should not be missing. In addition, the cheeky fur noses steal food and play happily with confetti.

In the end, the older lady comes back home and the cat friends secretly disappear. While the cat is lovingly petted, her mum discovers a glitter confetti snippet on the backrest and is amazed. But the miez doesn't show anything and is innocent. How sweet!

Can you guess what the spot is promoting? The correct answer is: for windows.

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