LaPerm: A young American cat breed

LaPerm: A young American cat breed

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The LaPerm has only been bred specifically since the early 1990s and is still very rare to this day. Love fans of the special cat breed A calm, affectionate cat: The LaPerm - Image: Shutterstock / Linn Currie

her soft, curly fur and her pleasant, people-related nature.

As the offspring of a normal domestic cat, the first LaPerm cat distinguished itself from its five siblings at first glance by a spontaneous mutation. At birth she had no fur and only developed a beautiful, soft curly splendor at the age of eight weeks, which she later passed on to many of her offspring.

Different fur variants of the cat breed

Most LaPerm cats have a very soft fur that is hardly prone to felting and lose little hair. There are short-haired and long-haired LaPerm cats, curly and smooth-haired breed representatives. The hair structure of the velvet paws is divided into three types: BC (born curled / born with curls), BS (born straight / born with smooth fur) and BB (born soon / bare born). The latter develop their fur around the age of eight weeks.

Since the curls are dominantly inherited, the chance for curly offspring is also fifty percent when crossing a smooth-haired cat breed. But it is not only their beautiful fur that makes this cat breed so special, but also its character. With their human-related nature, they are wonderful cats.

Character of the LaPerm cat

Most LaPerm cats are not daredevils - on the contrary: they are characterized by their calm, affectionate nature. The pretty curly cats are cuddly and prefer to follow their people everywhere. They are less suitable for cat owners who are rarely at home, because the proximity to their caregivers is a great need for the animals. In addition to cuddle units, playing with people is very important to them, because they love to let off steam to their hearts' content.

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